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There is a great deal of diverse information about the Erskines of Scotland and the Erskin(e)s of the USA to be enjoyed from this link, an admirable labour of love which is well worth consulting – the Scottish material is particular helpful for present purposes, transcribed from Cokayne's The Complete Peerage vols I – XIII (as per information below about vol XIV).

The various pages of the website can be mysteriously elusive, and an additional index for the genealogical items is probably helpful:

variousExternal addressLocal address
geneerskinclan.com/gene.htmlWelcome & Index
gene1erskinclan.com/gene1.htmlThe Lineage of my immediate family
gene2erskinclan.com/gene2.htmlErskine formerly of Cardross
gene3erskinclan.com/gene3.htmlKennedy-Erskine of Dun
gene4erskinclan.com/gene4.htmlThe Erskine Barony
gene5erskinclan.com/gene5.htmlThe Earldom of Kellie
gene6erskinclan.com/gene6.htmlThe Earldom of Mar


The complete peerage, or a history of the House of Lords and all its members from the earliest times by G.E.C., revised and much enlarged: addenda & corrigenda.

Peter Hammond, George Edward Cokayne

Sutton, 1998 – History – 871 pages

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The thirteen-volume Complete Peerage (1910-59) remains the standard reference work for the peerage of Britain and Ireland, containing entries for every hereditary peer from 1265 onwards. The long-awaited new volume corrects all known errors and adds a wealth of new information resulting from decades of research. In addition it brings the hereditary peerage up to date, containing entries for all peers not previously listed, including those created recently.

The second edition, for which revisions began in 1910, has been partly digitised.

Cockayne, The Complete Peerage, vol 1 (AB to Basing)(Click here)
Cockayne, The Complete Peerage, vol 2 (Bass to Canning)(Click here)
Cockayne, The Complete Peerage, vol 3 (Canonteigh to Cutts)(Click here)
Cockayne, The Complete Peerage, vol 4 (Dacre to Dysart)(Click here)

As always with such online facsimile versions, the maximal screen display can be achieved by using a judicious combination of the options Fullscreen / F11 / Hide Nav Bar / Zoom custom ...%

Unfortunately the remaining classic volumes (V – XIII) don't appear to have been digitised as of Sep 2014. In particular, we lack vol V (Eardley to Goojerat), that contains the all-important Erskine information.