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20 Mar 2021
updated 20 Mar 2021

Welcome to the Erskin(e) family generation page.

Welcome to my contribution to the on going effort to trace the Erskin(e) clan lineage. There are several challanges facing anyone who decides to trace the roots of the Erskine Clan. Those include the division of the Erskine Clan into cadet clans as well as the division of the Earldom of Mar and Kellie. Never the less, I have been able to recover some documents that shed some light on where we come from. Please see my bibliograph page for sources I have used for information on this site.

I have indexed the genealogical information under six categories with a seperate page devoted to each. Click on the index that you are interested in and another widow will open. To return to this page simply close the second window. Since I am not an expert on the lineage of the Erskine clan, please, do not e-mail me with questions regarding the information found in these genealogies. If you have questions, please consult the primary sources for additional information.

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