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23 Jan 2024
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Strictly speaking, I didn't publish anything relating to the material in my Ph D thesis. The thesis itself did get borrowed for the better part of a year by a couple of the Italian postdoc students who used to come over to UEA, and thereafter KCL, to spend time working and communing with SFM during the summer vacation. They were always a lively and cheery lot and very diligent researchers. The two in question made regular use of the consolidated source material described or referenced in the thesis, that I'd gathered from a great many places in the literature on CD and ORD. So that was a kind of second-hand glory for me ... let's hope that it did at least provide "a nice knock-down argument" now and again ...

An even less secure place in the Pantheon of science was to emerge in the shape of a reprint forwarded to me in Bristol a couple of years later...

Optical rotatory power of co-ordination compounds. Part XVI. Intermediate exciton coupling in the circular dichroism of trisbipyridyl complexes
Stephen F. Mason, Barry J. Peart and Robin E. Waddell
J. Chem. Soc., Dalton Trans., 1973, Issue 9, 944-949

Well that was the first and last of it — the first time I'd seen it and the last time I ever looked at it. It didn't even have my name right (see About / Personal). An ersatz glory on other men's coat-tails — not quite such stuff as dreams are made on. But kindly meant, perhaps, or born of a slightly guilty conscience!