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Erskine formerly of Cardross

THE LATE JAMES FRANCIS ERSKINE, C.B.(1917),C.M.G.1916),M.V.O. (1907), of Bonkyl Lodge, Duns, Co. Beryrick, D.L.(1933), Hon.Brig. Gen. (ret.), late Gol.Scots Guards, served in South African War, 1900- 2,commanded 1st Batt. Scots-Guards, 1906-10, S. Scottish Inf. Brig. 1911-15,in command of a Brigade 1915-19, b. 4 June,1862; educ. Charterhouse and R.M.C. m. 10 Dec. 1896, Margaret Beatrix dau.of the late Henry Lambton, of Redfield, Winslow and d. 26 June,1936, having had issue,

1.David Herny, b. 17 Sept.;d. 30 Sept. 1899.

2.Malcolm David, Capt. Scots Guards; b.31 Aug.1904; educ. Eton and R.M.C.

3 Alexander Keith, b. 18 Jan., 1907 d. 1 Oct. 1918.

1.Christian, b. 17 March 1901; m. 6 July,1926, Capt. Hugh Salvin Bowlby and has issue. He sold Cardross in 1922 to Brig. Gen. Sir Norman Orr-Ewing, Bt.

Lineage. This is a cadet branch of the ERSKINE, Lords Cardross and Earls of Mar Col. Hon. JOHN ERSKINE of Carnock, 3rd son of David. 2nd Lord Cardross by his 2nd wife Mary, dau. of Sir George Bruce of Carnock and half brother of Henry, 3rd Lord Cardross, whose son,David 4th Lord Cardross, became 4th Earl of Buchan. Col. Erskine, who matriculated Arms at the Lyon Office in 1677, retired to Holland where he had a company of Foot under the Prince of Orange, and roturned to England with that Prince (WILLIAM III)in 1688. After the revolution he was appointed Lieut. Governor of Stirling Castle, Lieut. Col. of a regt. of Foot, and afterwards Governor of Dunbarton Castle. He was chosen a Director of the African and Indian Company of Scotland, 1695 and was M.P. for Stirling in the last Parliament of Scotland, and in the first Parliament of Great Britain. He was b. 30 March, 1662; m. 1st, 14 March, 1690, Jane, dau, and heir of William Mure of Caldwell, Co. Renfrew, and by her (who d. 1690) he had no issue; and 2ndly, 5 Jan. 1691, Anna, dau. and co-heir of William Dundas of Kincavel and by her (who d. 29 June 1723) had issue,

1. JOHN his heir

2. Patrick b. 17 June 1697; m. 10 Jan. 1717 Sarah Maxwell and had three sons.

3. David b. 30 June 1698; m. 31 Oct. 1727, Lucy Cunninghame.

4. Ebenezer, b. 7 Aug. 1708.

1. Mary, m. 23 Feb. 1721, Alexander, Earl of Leven and Melville and d. leaving issue. He d. 2 Sept. 1745. Col. Erskine m 3rdly, 28 April, 1725, Lilias dau. of Sir John Stirling of Keir, and widow of John Murray of Touchadam, but by her (who d. 27 March 1729) he had no issue; and 4thly, 25 Nov. 1729, Mary, dau. of Charles Stuart of Duncarn, by whom (who d. 12 Sept. 1772) he had another son.

5. Charles b. 1731 d. unm. 1771. Col. Erskine d at Edinburgh Jan. 1743 in his 82nd year, and was s. by his eldest son. JOHN ERSKINE of Carnock and Cardross, a Member of the Faculty of Advocates 1719, Professor of Law in the University of Edinburgh, and author of The Institutes of the Law of Scotland. He purchased his grandfather's estate of Cardross at a judicial sale, 1746. He was b. Nov. 1695; m. 1st March, 1719. Margaret, dau. of the Hon. James Melville of Balgarvie, by whom he had a son,

1. JOHN (Rev.) of Carnock, D.D., b.2 June, 1719; m. 15 June, 1746, Hon. Christian Mackay, dau. of George, 3rd Lord Reay, and d. at Lauriston 19 Jan. 1803, having by her (who d. 20 May, 1810) had surviving issue.

Mr. Erskine m. 2ndly, 1729, Ann, dau. of James Stirling of Keir, by whom he had four sons and two daus.,

2. James of Cardross.

3. Robert, d. in the East Indies.

4. David, Writer to the Signet; m. 28 April, 1781, Ann, dau. of William Graham of Airth, and d.1791, having by her (who d. March, 1836) had issue.

5. Archibald of Venlaw, Co. Peebles, Major in the Army; m. April, 1781, Margaret, dau. of Hon. Charles Maitland Barclay, 2nd son of Charles. 6th Earl of Lauderdale, and widow of Charles Ogilvy, and d. 1 Aug. 1804, leaving issue. Major Erskine's widow m. 3rdly, 1822, Charles, 1st Lord Amesbury, and d. 21 April, 1841.

1. Marion, d. unm.

2. Christian, m. 17 April, 1762, Sir William Stirling of Ardoch, Bt. and d. 1 Feb. 1788. He d. 26 July, 1799.

Mr. Ershine d. at Cardross 1 March, 1768, in his 73rd year. His eldest son by his 2nd wife

JAMES ERSKINE of Cardross, inherited the principal part of his father's estates. He was b. 1732; m. 22 April, 1762, Lady Christian Bruce, dau. of William, 8th Earl of Kincardine, and by her (who d. 29 May, 1810) had with other issue,

DAVID ERSKINE of Cardross, Ceylon C.S., b. 10 Jan. 1772; m. 5 Sept. 1803, Hon. Keith Elphinstone, dau. of John, 11th Lord Elphinstone, and d. 28 Nov. 1847, having by her (who d. 4 Aug. 1841) had issue,

1. James, b. 21 Aug, 1804; m. 27 Feb. 1836, Mary Eliza, dau. of Lieut.-Gen. Christopher Fagan. She d. 26 June, 1843. He d. Feb. 1844, having had two sons,

1. Henry David, late of Cardross.

2. James Elphinstone (Sir), of Venlaw, Co. Peebles, K.C.B. (1897)J.P. for Peebles, Admiral of the FLeet, first and principal Naval A.D.C. to the King, 1901-02, formerly Naval A.D.C. to the Queen, and Lord of the Admiralty, Commander-in-Chief on North American Station 1895-97, b. 2 Dec. 1838; m. 21 May, 1885 Margaret Eliza, 4th dau. of Rev. John Constable, Rector of Marston Biggot, Somerset. He d. 25 July, 1911, leaving issue, David Victor Fairfax, Comm. R.N., b. 4 March, 1886; educ. H.M.S. Britannia; m. 26 Oct. 1915, Mabel (Dorothy) Webb. Izme Veronica Doreen, b. 16 June, 1890; d. 17 Nov. 1935.

2. John Elphinstone Admiral R.N., M.P. for co. Stirling 1865 to 1874, b.13 July 1806 d. unm. 28 June, 1887.

3. Charles, b.4 March 1808; d. unm. 29 Sept. 1827.

4. George Keith Capt Bombay Light Cavalry, b. 19 Feb. 1809; m. 1837, Selina, dau of Lieut.-Col. Chambers, and d.12 Jan. 1849, having by her (who d. 14 April, 1875) had issue.

1. George Elphinstone, Major-Gen. late Bombay Cavalry, b. 20 Jan. 1841; educ. Bedford Grammar Sch. and abroad; m. 1st, 26 Sept 1861, Blanche, dau. of George Cates, and by her (who d. 27 Dec 1879) had issue,

(1) Keith David, C.1.E., Lieut.-Col. Indian Army, Political Dept., b. 12 June, 1863; educ. Charterhouse and R.M.C.; m. 3 Nov. 1892, Mabel Seabrook, dau. of John Dyson, of Moorlands, near Crewkerne, Somerset.

(2) Francis Mountstuart Elphinstone, b. 4 May, 4. d. 11 Oct. 1865.

(3) Charles Ellis Hay, Capt, late I.S.C., b. 24 June, 1866; m. 19 Nov. 1897, Gertrude de Bary, dau. of Guilbart Saunders, He d. 3 Oct. 1902.

(4) George Chambers, b. 23 Nov., d. 8 Dec. 1867.

(I) Catherine Constance Selina, m. 5 Feb. 1890, Lient.-Col, Robert Henry Dunn, late Royal Welch Fusiliers, and d. 1935, leaving issue. He m. 2ndly, 3 July, 1895, Eva Constance Sarah, dau. of Rev, Canon Ebeneser Wood Edwards, Vicar of Ruabon, and d. 12 Sept.1912, having by her had issue,

(5) George Watkin Eben James, b. 23 Aug. 1899. 2. Charles Mountstuart, Lieut.-Col. late Bombay S.C., b. 27 Aug. 1843; m. 9 Jan. 1875, Nelly, dau. of Major-Gen. W. Ashburner, and d. 25 July, 1898, leaving issue,

(1) John Elliot, b. 1878, d. 8 Nov. 1892.

(1) Evelyn Marion Keith, m. 8 Sept. 1897, Capt. Norman M. Hemming, R.E., and d. 23 May, 1905, leaving issue.

(2) Olive Emily, m. 27 Dec. 1906, Charles W. C. Carson, of Srinagar Cashmir India, and has issue.

3. James Hay b. 14 Jan. 1845; m. 13 Feb. 1871, Ann, dau. of - Wilson and d. 15 March, 1876

1. Matilda, m. 26 Oct 1865, Antonio Cassar de Lima Leitao, who d. 1886 leaving issue.

2. Emily Keith d. unm. 8 Dec. 1869.

3. Marion Christian, m. 12 July, 1865, Major-Gen. W. A. P. Wyllie, R.A and d. May, 1886, leaving issue.

5. Hay MacDowall (Rev) b. 28 July, 1865, Rector of Longmartin, Westmorland, d. unm. 4 Dec. 1896.

6. William David, Madras Light Cav., b. 12 May, 1813; m. 1 Dec. 1834, Emily, dau. of Major-Gen. Henry Webber, H.E.l.C.S. She d. 9 May, 1897. He d. 15 June, 1839, leaving two daus.,

1. Keith Helen, b. 1836.

2. Emily Henrietta Hay, m. 30 Oct. 1860, Capt. Joseph Charles Ross Grove, who d. 1889, leaving issue. She d. 23 May, 1911. Sir (HENRY) DAVID ERSKINE, of Cardross, co. Perth, K.C.V.O., J.P. and D.L. cos. Perth and Stirling, Deputy Serjeant-at-Arms 1875-85, Serjeant-at-Arms in the House of Commons 1885-1915; Groom of the Robes to Queen Victoria 1870-1901, Gentleman Usher to the Robes to King EDWARD VII 1901-10 and to King GEORGE V 1910-19, formerly Capt. Scots Guards, b. 5 Jan. 1838; m. 26 June, 1861, Lady Horatia Elizabeth Seymour (d. 1922), dau. of Francis George Hugh, 5th Marquess Hertford and d. 7 Sept. 1921, leaving issue,

1. James Francis, the present representative.

2. Seymoour Elphinstone, C.B. (1918), Adm., A.D.C. to the King, 1911-13 b. 23 June, 1863 educ. H.M.S. Britannia; m.20 July, 1912, Florence Laetitia, dau. of the late Rev. Sir Talbot Hastings Bendall Baker, 3rd Bt.

3. Walter Hugh, C.B.E. (1936) (St. Stephen's Porch, Palace of Westminster, S. W.1), Deputy Serjeant-at.Arms in the House of Commons (House of Commons, S.W.1), b. 27 April, 1870; educ. Charterhouse; m. 1 June, 1929, Violet Emily, dau. of late Rev, R. S. Gregory.

4. Alan David, O.B.E. (1929), Ministry of Transport, (69, Chester Square, S.W.), b. 26 Aug. 1872; educ. Charterhouse and Magdalen Coll. Oxford; m. 2 June, 1897, Enid (d. April, 1931), youngest dau. of Lachian M. Rate, of Milton Court, Dorking, and has issue, Ian David, Major Scots Guards b. 17 March, 1898; educ. Winchester and R.M.C. Patience Lina, b. 18 March, 1901.

5. Ronald Keith, b. 24 Jan. 1879; educ, Glenalmond; d. 27 March, 1934.

6. Arthur Edward (Sir), G.C.V.O. (1935), D,S,O, (1916), Col. late R. A., Equerry in Ordinary to the King 1919-24, Crown Equerry since 1924; served in Great War 1924-18 (despatches, D.S.O, Brevet Lieut Col.), Staff Officer to Inspector of Artillery, Northern Army in India 1909-10, Personal to Resident in Kashmir, 1911 (Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace, S.W.1; United Service Club), b. 1 Sept. 1881; educ. Charterhouse and R.M.A.; m. 28 Nov. 1921. Rossmary Freda, dau. of Brig.- Gen. Edward William David Baird, C.B.E. and has had issue,

1. Keith George (to whom the King stood sponsor), b. 12 Oct, 1922, d. 1923

2. Donald Seymour b. 28 May, 1925.

3. Angus Bruce b. May, 1928.

1. Rachel Augusta b. 30 Dec. 1875; m. 1918, Allan Cyprian Bourne Webb (21 Chester Square, S.W.1). Arms-Quarterly: 1st and 4th, gu., an eagle displayed or, armed and membered as looking towards the sun in his splendour in the dexter chief; 2nd and 3rd counter quartered; 1st and 4th, as a bend between six cross-crosslets fitchee or, and 2nd and 3rd, arg. a pale sa., all within a bordure per pale or, and arg, Crest-Askene erect bearing on the point a boar's head.