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23 Jan 2024
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Mostly Burmese / Indian words (and occasional sets of initials) used by RK.

(if only I still had the elderly Hobson-Jobson that I sacrificed when we moved north ...)

WordMeaning (simple)Meaning (extended)
alu chamsrissoles
arak / arackstrong alcoholic drinkflavoured with anise (~liquorice flavour), clouds when water added (~Pernod)
atasome sort of foodstuff?
atebrin / atabranproprietary term for quinacrinetreatment for malaria in 1930s / 1940s
badlisIOU / chitty / voucher
bakaurasome sort of foodstuff
bastimilitary compound
chindrasome sort of foodstuff
daoknife or hatchetChinese-made, various sizes
dirmingceremony at a manan
dumsapriest at a manan
Duwamost senior headman of a district
dzoyak crossed with ox
godownaccommodationdoss-house for coolies
goral small goatlike antelope
grmabbreviation for 'grams'or grammes
gyifull-grown cow
jangli admiwild man, yahoo
kangra and pashisome sort of foodstuffs
kichnisome sort of foodstuff
lyepunidentifiable hairy objectvery hairy thing, plant or creature, maybe a nat (devil), RK specimen now lost.
machanhunting platform in tree
mananreligious festival
Mashang Juwai(possibly) ~ wild horses
mimiraKachin name for a high-altitude medicinal root, aka Kamtok, and Ningring, meaning Man, in Khanung
naik(lance) corporal
natdemon, god or both
pangolinthe scaly anteater
phorpas drinking vessels
pyadapostal courier
quartan (fever)form of malaria
salaamigiftmust be reciprocated!
sambhurlarge deer with impressive antlers
serowgoat-antelopea goat-antelope with short, sharp horns, long, coarse hair, and a beard
Sharow lai ai lam(possibly) ~ tigers
surrabig biting flies
takinlarge goatlike antelope
Tanugokvillage elde
the A.P.functionaryBritish?
the S. of I.Survey of India (1802-1852) completed by George Everest after whom mountain is named