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Mowbray Howards

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John Howard, son of Margaret Mowbray, became Duke of Norfolk of 3rd Creation in ca 1483, but it didn’t do him much good as he was killed two years later at Bosworth.

The name ‘Mowbray’ was revived in 1854 by the prospective parents of Robert Mowbray Howard who himself in due course passed it to his two sons Henry Mowbray Howard and Lyulph Walter Mowbray Howard. Since then, it has disappeared yet again.

But oddly enough, the IWM [Imperial War Museum] website reveals that a Lt Henry Charles Mowbray Howard was also killed in action, just a fortnight later than Lt Lyulph Walter Mowbray Howard.

Lt Lyulph Walter Mowbray Howard
(21 Nov 1885 – 15 Sep 1915)

Lt. Henry Charles Mowbray Howard
1st Bn, York and Lancaster Regiment.
(27 Feb 1895 – 29 Sep 1915)

He was the youngest son of the Rev Henry Frederick Howard (9 Nov 1844 – 6 Apr 1938), of Brightwalton Rectory, Wantage, and Eliza Minna Wasey (m 1878, d 8 Jul 1938).

I can’t resist a depiction of the Rev Henry, who evidently felt the cold even in a photographic studio:

Rev Henry Frederick Howard
(9 Nov 1844, Donington, Salop – 6 Apr 1938, Berks)

In fact, the family pedigree went back to Margaret Caroline Levesen-Gower (1753-1824), daughter of Granville Levesen-Gower (1721-1803), 1st Marquess of Stafford, and Lady Louisa Egerton (1753-1824), who married Frederick Howard, 5th Earl of Carlisle – an indisputably copper-bottomed mainstream Howard.

Margaret Caroline Leveson-Gower
(2 Nov 1753 – 27 Jan 1824, Castle Howard, North (Riding) Yorkshire)

Frederick Howard, 5th Earl of Carlisle
(28 May 1748 – 4 Sep 1825, Castle Howard, North [Riding] Yorkshire)

Coincidences of this sort do very much depend on how widely one casts ones net, but nevertheless I think that even Arthur Koestler would have enjoyed this one.