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20 Mar 2021
updated 20 Mar 2021

Most recently-posted Charivaria items


(3 Mar 2020) For some time now, the Ardnamurchan Natural History and Visitor Centre has hosted an exhibition of the History and Heritage of Ardnamurchan, and from the beginning of April 2020 this will feature a section about Herself, M E M Donaldson, the pioneering ethnographer, photographer and endearingly innocent personality, author of such classics as Further Wanderings, Mainly in Argyll. Who can resist her – I keep a picture of her above my desk! Put a note of the date in your diary.


(13 Apr 2020) Substantial progress with renovation of Ronald Kaulback’s 1930’s Tibet photographs at the Pitt-Rivers Museum.

(4 Jun 2020) The death of Gavin Lester Main Waddell (15 Sep 1937 – 22 May 2020), foremost chronicler of the Waddell surname in Scotland and around the world, has just been disclosed. Author of the two-volume A History of the Waddells of Scotland, he had devoted many years since the early 1950s to collecting and collating a unique and wonderful kaleidoscope of family history, published just a few short years ago, in addition to the innumerable other professional successes during his lengthy career in fashion design.

(5 Apr 2021) The Friends of Ryebank Fields, to which my wife and I belong, works constantly to preserve this area from redevelopment by Manchester Metropolitan University, and this impromptu video, featuring Mrs Robin, went live just the other day.