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23 Jan 2024
updated 23 Jan 2024

The manuscript comprises 116 handwritten foolscap pages, a non-standard size these days, and was expertly scanned by Messrs Higgs of Henley-on-Thames (in the days before I acquired an A3 scanner).

The subject matter divides neatly into two major sections, Atomic Structure followed by Crystal Field Theory (the latter describing the effect of a chemical environment on both the absolute and relative energy levels of an enclosed metal atom or ion).

Click here to see a PDF of the Atomic Structure section
or here to see a PDF of the Crystal Fields section
or here to see a PDF of the complete lecture course

Though perhaps he contemplated doing so, as a project for the indefinite future, Joe never compiled his lecture notes into a publishable textbook, which I for one would have been first in the queue to purchase. Presumably those notes still survive intact, and it would be nice to think that one day the full range of Joe's lecture material, combining immense intellectual authority with total clarity, might be brought into the public domain in the same way as this, or preferably as a quarter-century memorial festschrift, edited and annotated by one of his erstwhile postgraduate students.