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23 Jan 2024
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When audiences enthusiastically demanded something extra at the end of a concert, Sir Thomas Beecham used to signal the orchestra to play one or another of the light-hearted pieces he reserved for such a purpose, and which he referred to as ‘Lollipops’. Even in this rather different context, these brain-teasers might also be regarded as such. Please click here to see the answers.

The third and fourth of these originate from:

Uncle Mac’s Children’s Hour Story Book, edited by Derek McCulloch (Uncle Mac of the BBC), publ Sampson Low, ca 1950

More Puzzles, Lieut Commander R T Gould RN, pp 84-7

[Keep in mind that these brainteasers were accepted as suitable for 8-12 year-old children back in the early 1950’s. How times have changed.]