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23 Jan 2024
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Sat 2/3/35

Dearest Wife,

My last (and first) letter went back by the Majestic, as they were going to do a 12 hours' turn around, and no other mail would have gone as quick. This is the first from God's own country. I was put on to this hotel by a fellow passenger [from] France, and find it most suitable. I am on the 17th floor, on the 16th there is a most pleasant & cheap cafeteria to breakfast in, on the 33rd floor are three squash courts & two pro's, and on the minus first floor is a nice swimming bath. I have played one game with the pro already, & had one swim.

Yesterday I spent with the Hagelett Co, re their patent, and this morning with the International Nickel Co, where I was received like a prince, owing to Hague's introductions. Monday I go for the day to Stamford, Conn, and after that work my way south by stages, via Midvale, Bethlehem, Philadelphia, Washington, to Huntingdon, West Va.

This afternoon I spent with a Mr Hopkins, president of the Hagelitt Co, going over the Rockefeller Radio Centre, a most marvellous set of buildings, where we were shown all the business of broadcasting. Saw a play being rehearsed, & an opera being relayed. A wonderful afternoon.

Mr H invited me to dine with him, in evening dress, so back here to change & met him on the 70th floor of the Radio Centre building, where a most gorgeous dining-cum-ballroom. He produced a most charming sweetie, in the long 29's, or say about 35. She was dressed in a million dollar creation, backless & sideless, with a long train, & I felt I was really Seeing Life. He introduced her as Miss Ward (I think that was the name) and called her 'dear' at intervals, and as he was about 60 I was left guessing.

Then there was a huge dance orchestra, & most of the diners danced between courses; then there were two professional dancers, the girl a most beautiful & graceful thing; and there was an English variety artiste who sang funny songs. At intervals the whole floor, tables & all, revolved slowly round the dancers by some secret & fairly noiseless mechanism. I had nothing to drink, by the way. From the windows, 1000 ft up in the air, we looked down on the lights of the city, like a constellation. And so home, much pleased with my party, much intrigued with the sweetie, & still guessing. But though it is midnight, sitting down to tell you all about it.

Tomorrow being Sunday, I can't do any business, so shall [play] squash in the early forenoon, and joyride somewhere in the afternoon. Fortunately the cold spell has passed, and the weather is fine & not cold enough to need more than my raincoat.

That brings the news up to date and I deserve a sleep. Time 12:15 a.m. Goodnight dear thing,

All my love,