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19 Dec 2022
updated 21 Dec 2022

A-Z Names & Dates interface

Way back in 1960, whilst watching an episode of underwater mayhem, probably starring Lloyd Bridges, my father made a throwaway remark that every technological advance (in this case sub-aqua breathing kit) provided American TV with a new opportunity for a crime series.

In real life, even now, maybe there's not too much underwater crime (except that perpetrated by foreign trawlers), but the advent of the internet and the throw-away mobile phone has been subverted by criminals of every sort – from all eight corners of the globe – to defraud the naïver (supposedly richer) citizens of the West. Real crime, not just the TV variety.

I've recently been persuaded by Eboracus that OrnaVerum should restrict the date-of-birth details for all people who are very much still with us, in case such information is used for identity-theft. To this end, the publicly-available version of the Names & Dates File displays only the year of birth for such fortunate individuals.

  • To access the DOB-complete version, you must first establish your credentials with OrnaVerum via the Contact menu option.

  • To proceed with the DOB-year-only version, click here.