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23 Jan 2024
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The Times, 20 Feb 1940, page 11 (resolutely incapable of spelling a suspiciously foreign-sounding name correctly...)

Mr R Kaulbeck and Miss A E Howard

The engagement is announced, and the marriage will shortly take place, between Ronald Kaulbeck, elder son of the late Colonel H.A. Kaulbeck O.B.E., The King's Own Royal Regiment, and Mrs Kaulbeck, of 81, Colherne Court S.W.5, and Audrey Elizabeth, third daughter of Major Henry Howard, Corton Cottage, Cortington, Wilts, and Mrs. M. Howard, of Little Tangley, Wonersh, Guildford.

Audrey arriving with her father outside St Mark’s in North Audley Street

The bridesmaids, Audrey’s next younger sister Rosemary (Tom) on the LHS.