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23 Jan 2024
updated 23 Jan 2024

The recent descent of the Earldom of Mar

Though Google won't verify the quotation, I'm sure that E (Edith) Nesbit, the best and most profound of all childrens' authors, once rather paradoxically remarked that raising a family was "sixpence return on a guinea invested". And from what one hears, much of the civilised world (continental Europe, Russia and Japan being prime examples) seems to have come to the same conclusion. Only England and America – because of demographics needless to mention – buck the trend, though in both cases it could all end in tears.

I've previously noted the amateurish efforts of the Earls of Kellie to propagate themselves and recent generations of the Earldom of Mar must now be put under a similar spotlight. The twists and turns necessitated (quite justifiably) to keep themselves aloft are best understood diagrammatically.

And, sadly perhaps, the Erskine family name no longer contributes its ancient lustre. Though it should be remembered that this Earldom wasn't always the private province of the Erskines anyway.