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23 Jan 2024
updated 23 Jan 2024

Mary Isabel Bonus (5 Jan 1875 – 9 Aug 1941)

This is the only known photograph of her,
and probably antedates her meeting with M E M Donaldson

Wow, what a good-looking young woman!

I’m extraordinarily grateful to Elaine Stokes for bringing
this long-hoped-for picture to my attention

The uppermost blemish on the image is obviously an ink-spillage. But is the discolouration of Isabel's LHS eye also due to damage of the print or to some sort of medical condition? Either way, it can be cosmeticised digitally, but if it happened to have been something she was self-conscious of, that would explain why she was so camera-shy, and always seemed to make sure to be photographed (if at all) in profile from the RHS. I'm a serious eyesore myself but my philosophy is that I wasn't put into this world for decorative purposes.

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