Family - Howard-Sneyd Connection

The Howard-Sneyd Connection

Note the discontinuity in generation, as a result of Henry Howard (né Howard, devenu§ Howard-Sneyd on 27 Apr 1950) remarrying in his fifth decade. His son Tom seemed less like a half-uncle, more of a cousin, to my wife Sonia and the other grandchildren of Millicent.

To judge from their footprint on the internet, the Howard-Sneyds are a highly educated and eminently successful strand of society, dedicated in their livelihoods to the more rarefied reaches of the economy – beyond the crystal sphere of mediaeval cosmology, one might say.

The more recent entries are sourced from www.the, starting from Tom Howard-Sneyd, to whose entry the others are linked:

#IndividualSpouse / PartnerFamily
‑2Henry Ralph Mowbray Howard
(18 Jun 1883 – 12 Aug 1950)
Millicent(2) James
(28 Nov 1889 – 15 Aug 1967)
(m 8 Jun 1911)
Diana Katherine Howard
(4 May 1913 – 1 May 2003)

Pamela Evelyn Howard
(5 Oct 1914 – 3 Jan 1998)

Audrey Elizabeth Howard
(25 Jan 1916 – 14 Aug 1994)

Rosemary Millicent (Tom) Howard
(22 Sep 1917 – 26 Apr 1986)

Joan Margery Howard
(7 Sep 1921 – 25 Jul 2001)
‑2Henry Ralph Mowbray Howard-Sneyd
(18 Jun 1883 – 12 Aug 1950)
Janet (Jan) Emma Jameson Duthie
(25 Dec 1900 – 3 Jan 2000)
(m 9 Feb 1931)
Thomas (Tom) Henry Gavin Howard-Sneyd
(15 Oct 1940 – 27 Aug 2010)
0Thomas Henry Gavin Howard-Sneyd
(15 Oct 1940 – 27 Aug 2010)
Serena Patience Lumley Henry Lyulph Howard-Sneyd

Justin Andrew Howard-Sneyd

Antonia Caroline Howard-Sneyd
Randolph Paul  
1Henry Lyulph Howard-Sneyd Ursula McCarthy Chiara Zuleika Howard-Sneyd

Anoushka Lara Howard-Sneyd

Caspian Lyulph Howard-Sneyd

Rufus Mowbray Howard-Sneyd
1Justin Andrew Howard-Sneyd1,  2,  3 Amanda Susannah Horton-Mastin Sam Nigel Hurricane Howard-Sneyd
1Antonia Caroline Howard-Sneyd Edward John Bridger-Stille  

§ The Sneyd affix was added to Henry Howard's surname (by Royal licence), and had in fact been his mother's maiden name. This arrangement was in fact the precondition of an inheritance, as it perpetuated a surname which would otherwise have been extinguished (see the Sneyd Connection).