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6 Oct 2018
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The Girling Connection

My maternal grandmother Laura Girling is the only Connection about whose family members I know virtually nothing apart from their first name and their year of birth (but even the latter may not be precise, as they are only deduced from the 1901 Census).

Her father William was a butcher, according to that Census, and perhaps her mother Sarah had been a seamstress prior to marriage, as both Laura, who subsequently opened her own dressmaking shop in Windsor, and my mother, who was an extremely talented needlewoman, might well have inherited their skills from her.

And we might also surmise that her parents had a particular love of music, as they gave their second daughter the name Cecilia, who is, of course, as any fule kno, the Patron Saint of Music.

Furthermore, Laura and her future husband Ernest (see below) first met one another through their participation in choral singing. So that too was passed down, and indeed to subsequent generations as well.

#IndividualSpouse / PartnerFamily
‑3William Alben Girling
(b 1863)
(b 1870)
Laura Agnes Annie
(1886 –

(b 1889)

(b 1893)

(b 1895)
‑2Laura Girling
(1886 –
George Ernest Blunt
(1885 –
(m 1 Jan 1914)
George Francis Hounslow
(29 Oct 1914 –
15 Jun 2008)

Kathleen Lilian
(15 Jun 1916 –
23 May 2008)

Marjorie May
(24 Feb 1920 –
Nov 1994)