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6 Oct 2018
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The Blunt Connection

I'm very grateful to my cousin Angela Jefferies for her great help in supplying details of cousinly Blunts once and twice removed, plus earlier generations essential to an understanding of G Blunt & Sons, the remarkable family firm of book binders. It would be unrealistic to try and tabulate the cousins descendent from our Grandpa Blunt's brothers and sisters, so please click here to see the complete family tree extending down to the late 1970's.

See also the excellent webpage

Please note in the table below that familiar names are used rather than given forenames, where appropriate. These may be diminutives, alternative names (ekenames or nicknames) or simply subsidiary forenames, and I've tried to indicate these various possibilities in italicised parentheses. In every case only the first distinguishing name is given. Plus a middle initial to resolve any ambiguity

For example

  • George Ernest Blunt, my maternal grandfather, is listed as George (E) and his son George Francis Blunt, my Uncle George, is listed as George (F).

  • My mother Kathleen was always known as such, or as Kath, within her own family, but my father and other then family friends always called her Kate, and my step-father and more recent family and friends always called her Katie.

  • I recently learned that the Blunt family always referred to my father as Wardlaw (his second forename), though his own family always used Walter (his first forename, which he detested). During their marriage Katie always called him Bill, or sometimes Wardlaw.

  • Her second husband was Paul Geoffrey Simson Coupland, known as Geoffrey.

Minors are not identified.

#IndividualSpouse / PartnerFamily
‑5George Blunt
(thrice great g'father)
(Miss) MantleGeorge
‑4George Blunt
(twice great g'father,
founder of GB&Sons)
Selina HounslowGeorge

three brothers

one sister
‑3George Blunt
(great grandfather)
Annie ChapmanWalter


George (E)



Bertram (Bert)


Lilian (Lily)
‑2Walter BluntFlorence RouseMalcolm(2)

‑2Minnie BluntThomas GoverGwen



‑2George (E) BluntLaura GirlingGeorge (F)

Kathleen (Kath, Kate, Katie)

‑2Arthur BluntMabel GilbertGilbert
‑2Frank BluntJanet KleinDonald

‑2Bert BluntAnnie (Nancy) Boyle 
‑2May BluntStuart Young 
‑2Lily BluntRobert Blake 
‑1George (F) BluntMargaret PhillipsAngela

‑1Kathleen (Kate) BluntWalter (Wardlaw, Bill) WaddellRobert (Robin)

Kathleen (Katie) WaddellGeoffrey(2) Coupland 
‑1Marjorie BluntEric CornesJulia
0Angela BluntPatrick JefferiesMargot(2)

0David BluntDeirdre GentryRichard(2)


Georgina (Gina)
0Robin WaddellSonia KaulbackNicholas (Nick)

0Simon WaddellNicole MartinMaximilien (Max)

0Julia CornesMarc Walker 
Shared Portrait
+1Margot JefferiesJonathan DoddOff-line
+1Richard BluntMichelle DillonOff-line
+1Gina BluntBen SimpsonOff-line
+1Nick WaddellPhilip (Phil) Johnstone 
+1Max WaddellNina MusiolekOff-line
+1Gavin WaddellTiffany DousseOff-line