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Francis (Frank) Kingdon Ward
(later Kingdon-Ward)
(6 Nov 1885 – 8 Apr 1958)

Married firstly to Florinda Norman-Thompson (11 Apr 1923),
secondly to Jean Macklin (12 Nov 1947)


FKW was indisputably the doyen of twentieth century botanical exploration in the Himalayas, Burma and NW China. For an overview of his background, career, and publications, it's probably best to look at Wikipedia first.

For an interesting account of FKW's background and early career, see his grandson Oliver Tooley's narrative:

www.plantexplorers.com/explorers/biographies/kingdon-ward/frank-kingdon-ward.htm (if link is broken click here)

And for a very readable biographical summary, see Tony Schilling's article:

www.rhododendron.org/v45n3p140.htm (if link is broken click here)

For a remarkable account of FKW's extraordinary life, with a wealth of personal detail that puts his public persona into context, I would urge you to see the following link (and please don't let the psychosociological jargon put you off!):

quod.lib.umich.edu/cgi/t/text/text-idx?cc=mqr;c=mqr;c=mqrarchive;idno=act2080.0044.427;rgn=main;view=text;xc=1;g=mqrg (if link is broken click here)

It speaks volumes for Kaulback's personality, enthusiasm, physical fitness, and useful accomplishments both botanical and cartographical, that Kingdon-Ward agreed to accept him (after a brief probationary period) as companion for the Tibetan expedition in 1933.

FKW's own account of the expedition was published as

A Plant Hunter in Tibet (1934) Jonathan Cape (reprinted by White Orchid, Thailand (2006) ISBN 978-974-524-087-2)

Please see the profile of John Hanbury-Tracy for details of the entomological aspects of the various expeditions undertaken by Kingdon-Ward, Kaulback and Hanbury-Tracy during the 1930's.