ANGLIA Card Input
Routine Type Fields Format Options  Requirements
ANGLIA 1 NQP I5 0  No Gauss-Legendre quadrature data required
      40  No. of Gauss-Legendre quadrature nodes
RDQUAD 1a WT(1-NQP) 4(1PE20.10)    Gauss-Legendre weights
  1b VX(1-NQP) 4(1PE20.10)    Gauss-Legendre nodes
ANGLIA 2 TITLE A80    Run-data title
  3 NCN I5 0 / 1  =1 for Convolution
  NUV I5 0 / 1  =1 for Stripping
  NTR I5 0 / 1  =1 to back-transform stripped convoluted bands
         and revert to original spectrum for further analysis.
         NB If NCN=1 & NUV=1 stripping will be done on 
         the convoluted spectrum rather than the original.
         And unless NTR=1, all subsequent analysis will
         continue on the convoluted spectrum. Your choice !
  NRF I5 0 / 1  =1 for Refinement
  NSQ I5 0 / 1  =1 for Least Squares analysis
  NCV I5 0 / 1  =1 for print-out of conventional band features
  NSP I5 0 / 1  =1 to plot fitted spectrum
  NMO I5 0 / 1  =1 for Moment analysis
  NMS I5 0 / 1  =1 for Kronig-Kramers transformation
  4 ISHP I5 1 / 2  =1 for Gaussians, =2 for Lorentzians
  IDMP I5 0 / 1  =1 for Damping
  ISEC I5 0 / 1  =1 for Second Derivatives
  KSPC I5 0 / -1  = -1 to permit negative bands (CD spectra)
  5 ISTP I5    Discontinue stripping at band ISTP-1 (yes, clumsy)
    ITMX I5    Max no of RMS increases allowed in refinement
    ITMY I5    Max no of RMS increases allowed in least squares
    SFCT F10.3 Default .95  Discontinue stripping when RMS>SFCT*RMS prev
    RFIN F10.3    Discontinue refinement when RMS<RFIN 
INPUT 6 NW I5    Number of spectrum abscissae
    WL(1) F10.3    First abscissa if RINC>0
    RINC F10.3    Regular abscissal increment if RINC>0
  6a WL(1-NW) 8F10.3    Abscissae if RINC=0
  7 UVL F10.3    Ordinate plotting low-end limit
    UVH F10.3    Ordinate plotting high-end limit
  8 NB I5    Number of bands
    NSYN I5    =1 for synthetic test spectrum if NB>0
           NB=0 & NSYN=0 : Standard
           NB=0 & NSYN=1 : Meaningless
           NB>0 & NSYN=0 : Least-squares only
           NB>0 & NSYN=1 : Testing on synthetic spectrum
  8a (POSNPAR, E15.6    (Position parameter,
    HGHTPAR, E15.6     Height parameter,
    WDTHPAR) E15.6     Width parameter)'s
    (1-NB)      if NB>0
  8b UVO(1-NW) 8F10.3    Ordinates if NSYN=0
  9 NCNV I5    Number of convolutions to be tried if NCN=1
    RLAM(1) F10.3    First convolution parameter if NCNV>0
    SLAM F10.3    Regular convolutional increment if SLAM>0
  9a RLAM(1-NCNV) 8F10.3    Convolution parameters if SLAM=0
  9b KMAX(1-NCNV) 16I5 <NQP  Quadrature cut-offs to avoid instability
  9c UWL F10.3    Convoluted ordinate plotting low-end limit
    UWH F10.3    Convoluted ordinate plotting high-end limit
Last updated 19 Apr 2012 for ANGLIA 1.03.00
Created 22 Mar 2012