Firswood Archive Part 2C - annotations (lower-case)      
All dimensions cm (approx)  
Width Height RJHK Annotation  Photo No Code ID's etc
16½ 16½ Bridge above Tila, Lohit Valley (Unadministrated Assam) 2 B-4-7  
16½ 12 View North from RIMA (SHIKA or Shikathang) to confluence 4 B-4-4  
    of ZAYUL and RONG TÖ Rivers      
16½ 16½ ZAYUL RIVER Valley near DZON GU TRA PHUK 5 B-4-13  
16½ 16½ Valley floor at GOCHEN showing possibilities for landing ground 6 B-1-46  
16½ 12 Valley at PASHÖ, north of GOCHEN (2nd suggested route) 7 B-4-54  
16½ 12 N[orth] end of lake and valley floor at SHUGDEN GOMPA 8 B-3-96  
16½ 12 Lake at valley floor at SHUGDEN GOMPA showing possibilities both 9 B-1-62  
    for water and earth landings      
16½ 12 Valley floor at TRASHITSE GOMPA. Water in foreground  10 B-4-63  
    exaggerated (in reality small stream only). Valley here about 800 yards       
    across floor.      
16½ 16½ Road between LHO DZONG and the DÜ CHU 12 B-3-75  
12 12 GYA LAM (China Road), West of SHABYE ZAMPA and SHOPANDO 13 3-20 (VI a)
16½ 12 GYA LAM (China Road) near SHOPANDO 14 B-3-21  
16½ 12 Typical view down the GYA LAM (main road from Lhasa to China 15 B-2-19  
    via CHAMDO)      
16½ 16½ Salween Valley, South of Situkha (2nd suggested route) 16 B-3-88  
16½ 16½ Rope Bridge over Salween at Situkha showing good abut(t)ment  17 B-3-84  
    for permanent bridge (2nd suggested route)